Mobile Wallet

What is BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet?

BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet is a secure and convenient mobile banking mobile app that allows you to access your bank account. BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet can also be accessed via a USSD code *246#.BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet enables customers to securely access and manage their accounts from their mobile phones both for account related information & financial transactions such as; transferring money from one account to another, paying utility bills and buying airtime. This service also allows for card less ATM withdraws at any of our country spread ATM’s from your account using a mobile phone.

How do I register for BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet?

Visit any of our 34 branches countrywide, fill in and submit an application form with a copy of a permissible ID.Complete your registration via USSD by dialing *246# and enter the PIN number provided at registration. Alternatively, download and install the Mobile Wallet application provided as a link in the text message sent after registration.Link: Enter submitted login credits and PIN to complete registration.

What are the services available on BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet?

You are able to access the following services on your mobile phone;

  • Check account balance
  • View last 5 transactions
  • Request for statement
  • Request for a Cheque book
  • Block ATM card
  • Send Money from your Mobile Wallet account to a BANK OF AFRICA account
  • Send money from your Mobile Wallet account to an account in another bank
  • Send money from your Mobile Wallet account to any  mobile number on any network
  • Withdraw money from the ATM without a card
  • Send TT (Send money/payments to anywhere in the world)
  • Pay bills ( Umeme, Water, DSTV, Star Times, School Fees etc.)
  • Buy airtime (All networks)

Is it a service exclusive to only BANK OF AFRICA customers?

BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet can be accessed by both bank account holders and non-bank account holders. BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet maps the account numbers of account holders to their Mobile Wallet accounts while it maps the mobile phone numbers of non- account holders to their Mobile Wallet account. A BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet account holder can also make financial transactions with other banks and telecommunication companies in the money transfer sector both within and outside Uganda.

How can money be sent to a non- BANK OF AFRICA customer?

Using the BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet, a customer can send money to a mobile number on any network. The recipient will receive a notification message with a Reference number and a pin which they use to withdraw the money at any BANK OF AFRICA ATM or banking hall.

Who is eligible to possess a Mobile Wallet account?

Individuals above 18 years of age.

Up to how many accounts can one register and access with BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet?

BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet allows you to have up to as many bank accounts as one has with BANK OF AFRICA

What is unique about BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet?

With BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet,  your phone is your bank: you can do more than the ordinary mobile banking services of paying bills such as UMEME, water, pay-tv, URA, KCCA, buying airtime and viewing your account details. You no longer need to visit the bank to send RTGS’ and TT’s because you can transfer money from your BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet account to any phone, any bank and any country around the world. With BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet, you can withdraw money from your account from an ATM without your card. You can also, request a Cheque book, stop a Cheque, block your ATM card, check forex rates and access our call centre. A customer is able to track their account with instantaneous sms alerts.

How secure is BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet?

BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet is secure and independent of external manipulation. It is secured by firewalls that prohibit external intrusion into the system. The BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet platform also requests a user to insert a unique 4 digit pin at the start and end of every transaction as a validation of the transaction. The 4digit pins are set and managed by the customer. However, in the event that the phone is lost, stolen or feared so, the customer should contact their branch for a temporary account deactivation.


For any more information, please contact the BANK OF AFRICA call centre on 0414 302 111