Careers at BOA-UGANDA

At BOA - UGANDA, we are committed to creating a workplace which provides an opportunity for all employees and potential employees to fully optimise their potential by working for an Employer of Choice.

We will help you to achieve your aspirations and ambitions. We believe that people join us and stay with us because they are excited about the opportunities available to them. People at BOA Uganda are able to make the most of their talents and skills in a fulfilling business environment.

Our remuneration policies are designed to be highly competitive and to reward higher performance by individuals and teams.

We also want our employees to feel rewarded by the challenge of their roles, career opportunities and positive team relationships. Our benefits aim to support our goal of attracting and retaining the best people for the organisation.

We regularly compare ourselves to a select group of other businesses targeting the same pool of world-class talent. This enables us to maintain an attractively positioned salary and benefit package.

We see graduate recruitment and development as part of our business strategy, ensuring that our company is equipped with managers of the highest caliber who can build our future.

If you join us, we are committed to working in partnership with you to help you develop the skills you need to succeed as a business manager. View available opportunities.

Whatever stage of your career, we can offer new challenges. Talented people join BANK OF AFRICA at all points of their career and for many excellent reasons. Some seek a new challenge or an environment where they can prove themselves and where their current skills will be appreciated. Others want to reinvigorate their career or achieve a better work-life balance. But whatever their reason for joining us, few regret it.

It's not just that we offer a dynamic, diverse environment laden with opportunity; it's that people find our company a truly exciting and fulfilling place to work. They enjoy being part of a high profile company with a strong corporate culture that promotes individual and personal flair, while encouraging teamwork and delegation.

We need people with a broadness of vision and understanding. We need people with skills to build dialogue with diverse and multicultural audiences. We need people with the intellectual curiosity to try new ideas and the imagination to ensure our story is told.

If you're the kind of person who relishes a challenge, you'll find a career with us highly rewarding. View available opportunities.