Managing through the Coronavirus impact

We are acutely aware of the current level of concern arising from the health, social, and economic risks arising from the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and are committed to the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and those we serve. We have planned throughout the BANK OF AFRICA network with an eye towards maintaining operational readiness and ensuring that your needs continue to be met as the situation evolves.

Our focus on serving you during this time is of primary concern. Consequently, we advise the following:

  1. Transacting: We strongly encourage you to use BANK OF AFRICA’s digital tools and other self-service resources for banking and 24/7 account access.  You can access your account and transact online, pay bills, and make transfers to other financial institutions both foreign and domestic using any of your internet-enabled electronic gadgets. Our Relationship Management team is available to help you sign up and use this service free of charge.  Your staff and all individuals who wish to transact with us can also be signed up for our Mobile Wallet and Visa Card platforms to facilitate online and mobile-based transactions that encourage social distancing. Nevertheless, our branches will remain open for service subject to any regulatory developments.

  2. Financing: We understand that there may come a time where you may face financial difficulties. BANK OF AFRICA is here to help. We strongly encourage you to reach out to us in advance to discuss any emerging financial needs or difficulties that you may have so we can work out appropriate financing solutions for you before any situation becomes difficult to manage.

  3. Health: We have increased the frequency of deep cleanings in all our facilities and we are providing additional health supplies such as hand sanitizers at each of our locations.

  4. Travel and Meetings: We have scaled-down local travel and face to face meetings to ensure the safety of both our customers and staff. As a result, travel will only be permitted when essential to directly see, serve, or cover your needs in person. We will also limit this travel to take place only within the same location where our employees are normally based. We shall restrict all travel to locations that have been advised as affected by the authorities. Furthermore, we may limit visits to client premises or limit visits to our premises to ensure that the health of both our employees and our clients are protected. Any of our employees who have travelled to impacted areas or may have been exposed to the coronavirus shall be quarantined for the recommended 14 days. However, we shall maintain and emphasize contact with you through electronic and other communication channels as needed.

We are continuously monitoring the situation, and we shall update you with further and ongoing developments.

As always, thank you for your patronage and please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our feedback channels below