Funa Ekyapa ne Bank of Africa.

Secure your land ownership.

Are you a 'Kibanja' owner in Wakiso, Kampala and Mukono? Funa ekyapa secures your land ownership by facilitating the processing of your certificate of title from Buganda Land Board.

  1. Register with Buganda Land Board (BLB) and apply for assessment.
  2. Present Assessment Certificate and invoice from BLB to your nearest BOA Branch.
  3. Fill Loan application form and submit all loan requirements to bank.
  4. Upon loan approval Bank transfers funds from your account to BLB account.
  5. Bank obtains land title directly from BLB and registers a Mortgage on the title.
  • It makes you the legitimate owner of your kibanja
  • The newly acquired certificate of the title can be used as collateral (security) for other loans
  • Pay loan in small manageable installments with affordable interest rates
  • Search report by the Buganda Land Board
  • Clearly identifiable source of income for non-salaried applicants
  • Letter of Undertaking from the employer for salaried applicants (where applicable)
  • Financial Card
  • Completed land title acquisition loan application form
  • Proof of ownership i.e. Land Sales Agreement accompanied by the LC1 letter confirming ownership
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