Investment Club Account.

Work together to explore bigger opportunities.

Open a BOA Investment Club Account today and let your money do more for you and your investment group. Earn attractive interest up to 5% on your savings and access loans up to 3 times your savings.

  • Monthly ledger fees - UGX 2,500
  • Minimum balance to earn interest UGX 100,000
  • 3 free withdrawals per month
  • Additional withdrawals to attract UGX 15,000 charge
  • Below minimum balance penalty - UGX 10,000
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Free 1st cheque book
  • Free deposits
  • Two accounts for the cost of one - Current remunerated account and Fixed/Call deposit account with possibility of carrying out free automatic money transfers
  • Loan amounts of up to 3 times of savings held.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager per group
  • Free E-Statements for all group members
  • Extended loan periods of up to 48 months.
  • Free quarterly club trainings
  • Free standing orders within BOA for Group members
  • Free internet banking (View only)
  • Access preferential rates on custodial services & fixed deposits
  • 1 Passport photograph of each signatory (Minimum of Four signatories)
  • Certified copy of Certificate of Registration
  • Certified By Laws/Constitution/Copy of relevant Act
  • Signed extract of minutes of the meeting of the appropriate Body/Certified and registered resolution
  • Valid Identification documents of each signatory (Passport/Driver's license/ID Card)
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