Invoice Discounting

A flexible solution that eases your cash flow.

Security can be a limiting factor when you want to access credit quickly. Corporate bodies and SMEs find it difficult to arrange security especially when going into start up ventures or when all available security has already been mortgaged.

In recognition of this, Bank of Africa Uganda Ltd brings you the option to discount accepted invoices. BOA will advance you funds against these invoices allowing you to continue with your business as the Bank waits for settlement of the invoice on your behalf.

Whether you are a supplier who has issued an invoice to a large Company or a large company invoicing a number of distributors Bank of Africa Uganda Ltd offers a flexible solution that eases your cash flow.

  • Bank of Africa Uganda Ltd Non-Recourse Invoice Discounting Product Program will handle open account transactions, for suppliers to Large Local and Multinational Corporates. (Suppliers);
  • Discounting is also possible for Large Corporates that sell their products through a network of Distributors. (buyers);
  • Non-Recourse Invoice Discounting is one trade solution, with BANK OF AFRICA discounting commercial invoices for buyers and suppliers on a without recourse basis.
  • Access to financing without security;
  • Ease of processing credit within a pre arranged limit;
  • Reduces Corporates’ level of accounts receivable, making you able to present a healthier balance sheet;
  • Facilitates your sales on an open account basis;
  • Saves you the hassle for bills of exchange and saves you stamp duty payable on such instruments.
  • Formal Application stating the amount, purpose, tenor, source of repayment and proposed security.
  • Audited accounts for at least three financial years, prepared by a Certified Public Accountant, with an unqualified opinion.
  • Management Accounts for the most recent concluded month.
  • Projected Cash flows for the period of financing.
  • Valuation report for the property/ assets to be pledged as collateral.
  • Business Plan/ Updated Company/ Business profile.
  • Financial Card Number for the borrowing entity.
  • Any other information as may be requested by the Bank, depending on the nature of the request.
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