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Instant Cash Salary Based Loans

Do you need credit to meet those unplanned expenses? Or do you need some quick cash to pay for your further studies or your children’s education, rent, or take that much-needed vacation? The BANK OF AFRICA Instant Cash – salary loan is designed with you in mind.

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SME Mobile Collections

Our versatile and dynamic Mobile Wallet is fully optimized to allow integrations with mobile network operators or your systems to allow you receive funds directly into your bank account from a payer’s BANK OF AFRICA Mobile Wallet. This solution is ideal for high-volume and low-value transactions.

SME In-Branch and Agent Collections

Take advantage of our wide and growing network of BANK OF AFRICA branches and agents to enable you collect funds from your distributors and agents to your collections?

SME Collections Account

Is your business receiving payments frequently? Would you like to separate your business receivables from your daily operational accounts? Get your business a Collections Account today to get started.

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SME Single Fee Banking Solutions

This account offers you reliability and certainty. No more unexpected charges, pay only once, and trust freely. With the single fee, you can rest assured to enjoy ultimate peace of mind as you carry on with your business.