Secure Banking

Protect your value


Your security is important to us. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while you do your banking with us.

General security tips for your in-branch banking

  • Do not give your account number or other personal account information about yourself to anyone who calls you or that you find in a banking hall. Only speak to our designated officers at the desk areas in the branch.
  • If possible, fill out your deposit slips ahead of time. 
  • Tear up or shred receipts, bank statements, and unused account details before throwing them away.
  • Review your monthly accounts regularly for any unauthorized charges.
  • If your account activity looks suspicious or fraud is detected, check with our service team to support you through our contact details here.
  • Sign up here for our mobile and internet banking to review your account statements on a regular basis.
  • Be alert to your surroundings and other people around you.
  • Never display cash in a financial institution parking lot, if possible not even a "bank bag".
  • When you conduct banking business during the evening hours, if it is dark, have someone accompany you.
  • Park as near as possible to your branch, such as the branch entrance or ATM. All our branches have security personnel outside the branch premises to provide you a safe and secure environment, including the parking lot. 
  • While the Bank endeavors to provide outside and in-branch security, you are directly responsible for the safety of your funds during your visit. Please take all necessary precautions to be safe. 

Personal Banking Security tips for your in-branch banking

  • We encourage you to carry as little cash as possible to the branch.
  • Receive and send funds to your accounts electronically. Explore our Local and International payment options.
  • Make use of our mobile wallet service. Click here to register for the mobile wallet today or visit any of our agents in your neighborhood
  • For quick withdrawals, you can pick funds from our VISA-enabled ATMs. Locate one near you here.

Business Banking Security tips for your in-branch banking

  • Visit different any of our branches to ensure your banking pattern is not recognizable. See our locations here.
  • You may consider signing up for a cash management service. Explore our array of services here.
  • Avoid paying your suppliers or staff in view of the public. Use any of our business payments channels to simplify your expenses management. See here to start. 
  • In as much as is possible, avoid using company-branded vehicles to undertake significant bank cash transactions.
  • Alternate the days and times you deposit cash or utilize our digital channels to ease your collections process. See here to explore our collection options.
  • Avoid openly displaying your business deposits while in the bank queue.
  • Avoid carrying money bags or openly displaying deposit slips while in the branch.

Savings clubs:

  • Recommend for at least two members of the club executive to be present when funds are deposited.
  • Alternatively, have your group/club members deposit funds directly into the account through our digital channels, Mobile Wallet, Internet banking, or any of our agents countrywide.
  • Any member payments can be done through any of our digital channels, Mobile Wallet, Internet banking, or any of our agents countrywide.

Report An Incident

Speak Out NOWFill in our online form to report any improper conduct or security breaches
Speak out emailEmail our designated officers – Head of Compliance and Head of Risk directly
SPEAK OUT hotlineSpeak to one of our designated officers in the Risk or Compliance office