Supporting Our Communities

Committed to leaving no one behind


One of the four prongs of our mission statement is to contribute to the development of all our stakeholders. In delivering this mission, we ensure that all financial and non-financial considerations in deciding on investment and operations decisions are aligned to serve our stakeholders.

Every day we are making a difference for all Ugandans to develop like - helping small business owners get started on their journey, providing support to educational institutions so our young ones can study, or providing a free life insurance cover for parents. Every day counts for us in leaving no one behind.

Our Commitment

To promote sustainable finance
To protect the environment
To be a responsible employer
To promote good governance and risk management
To promote business ethics and responsible customer relationships
To promote community interest and stakeholder dialogue

Discover Our Support Measures

Promoting business ethics and responsible customer relationships
We maintained multi-channel customer engagement and feedback mechanisms and reiterate our commitment to protecting customer data through continuous enhancements to our information security systems.
95%SME Suppliers
We also continue to support the development of SMEs with over 95% of our suppliers being Ugandan SMEs.