Electronic Trading

Simplifying foreign exchange trading


Do you need to know and negotiate the best rates for your foreign currency transactions? Our foreign exchange trading platform system makes it possible for you to transact online at your convenience without having to visit the branch. Sign up today to enjoy stress-free foreign exchange trading.

  • Carry out transactions swiftly at your convenience
  • Look up rates and market data
  • Get access to pre and post trade decision-making tools
  • Benefit from the expert analysis of BOA dealers
  • High-end execution technology

Ways To Apply

Request a call backOne of our Specialists will call you at a time of your convenience
Book an appointmentMeet with one our Relationship Managers at a branch, your office or virtually
SPEAK TO OUR TREASURY TEAMReach our Treasury team now to get quick help in signing up for the electronic trading platform
0414 302 101

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