Avalised Bills of Exchange

Secure your international trade transaction journey affordably and access working capital relief


Bill avalisation is a BANK OF AFRICA undertaking or guarantee on behalf of an importer to honor payments of bills of exchange from the supplier (exporter) for international trade transactions. This solution is normally used where the supplier (exporter)'s only concern is the importer’s payment risk.

BANK OF AFRICA provides an easy financing structure for importers to honor payments of bills of exchange from their exporters (supplier), giving the supplier assurance that payment will be met through the BOA undertaking or guarantee on behalf of the importer.

ELIMINATE PREPAYMENTImprove payment terms with your supplier and ease pressure on your working capital
TRADE SECURITYSafer trading option compared to open account (paying cash to supplier)
SUPPLIER CONFIDENCEBuild your trade supplier relationships on reliability and trust with a solid BOA guarantee
ANNUAL LIMITSAnnual financing limits available to reduce delays in processing of your recurring trade finance requests
TAILOR-MADE StructureTailor-made credit structure according to your business cycle
QUICK ProcessingQuick application processing

What You Get

  • Provide your supplier with a formal BOA guarantee or undertaking to pay on time
  • Enables you to negotiate longer credit terms with your supplier
  • It is less expensive and less complicated than a letter of credit with affordable avalisation commission
  • Free up available working capital by negotiating more favorable commercial terms with suppliers and benefit from prepayment elimination
  • Enhance your trade relationships with new and existing suppliers by providing a globally accepted BOA payment guarantee.
  • Access quick credit and allow your supplier to receive payment quickly to enable shipment of goods.
  • There when you need it. No delays. Enjoy flexibility allowing access to funds when you need them most matched to your specific trade flows
  • Handling commission (This fee is applied only when you pay before or on the agreed bill of exchange payment date)
  • BOA base lending rate + margin (You will only be required to pay credit interest if you request the Bank to make the payment on your behalf to the exporter. A trade loan limit will then be provided for your business allowing you settle your trade loan in affordable installments)
  • Contact us today and explore our tailor-made and affordable credit pricing options

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Ways to Apply

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