Interest Bearing Solutions

Are you looking for a flexible, multi-currency and interest earning business banking account?


Sign up today for our business interest-bearing account offering you the flexibility to access your money, while earning interest on your daily balances at no cost.
MULTI-CurrencyMultiple options with both local and major foreign currencies
Relationship MANAGERSA dedicated team of two Relationship Managers
Interest PAIDUp to 4% per annum paid on your average daily balances
ACCESS ChannelsMultiple channels of access to funds on mobile banking, ATMs, online banking and agent banking
FREE DIGITAL BANKINGFree mobile and internet banking subscription
Waived ChargesFree banking for balances above UGX 5,000,000
  • Account opening/minimum balance - UGX 5,000,000
  • Monthly management fees per month – Free above minimum balance
  • Below minimum balance charge per month – UGX 45,000
  • Cash deposit - UGX free, foreign currency - 0.3% of deposited amount.
  • Cheque book - UGX 800 per leaf

N:B. All other transactions not included in the above list will be charged at the pay-as-you-transact fee.

Download our services and products pricing guide for more information.

Ways to Apply

OPEN A BUSINESS ACCOUNTFill out your secure business account application in under 20 minutes to get started today
Book an appointmentMeet with one our Relationship Managers at a branch, your office or virtually
Call UsReach our Service team now to get quick help in signing up for our services
0800 100 140
Request A call backOne of our Specialists will call you at a time of your convenience

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